Our little story about Zermatt tells us that long long time ago (in the 17th century) there were four districts in Zermatt, the “Hofero”, the “Winkelmattero”, the “Findler” and the “Aroleider”. As very religious people, the residents from there were very eager to built together a Church for Zermatt. They agreed with all except for the place with which they weren’t happy. Finally, after long discussions, the found that the place in Winkelmatten would be just perfect for the Church. Also because at that time,  Winkelmatten was the district where the most people of Zermatt were living. And of course because that place in Winkelmatten was the most beautiful place around. So it began with the excavation of the foundations. But once the workers arrived at work in the morning they were not able to find any builders instruments. They searched and strange, they were each time at the place where the present church was. This happened several times. Finally, it had to be a higher power which gave this hint again and again. They began to work on in the vicinity of the Trift creek. This time the instruments were in place, and the church was built where the present church still stands. The spirits had chosen! Or was it the spirits of “Hofero”?

Our Chalet Ulysse is directly next to this wonderful little chapelle which was built once after they have constructed the church in 1607.